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It is my pleasure to introduce you to air search, the comprehensive aviation research and resource service for Publishers, Media Groups, Book Writers, Historians, Archivists, and Enthusiasts.

We are able to undertake specific research work across the whole spectrum of civil and military aviation; our services are listed below:

Freelance and contract research work undertaken.

All aviation and related subjects covered.

All civil and military aviation research work undertaken from individual aircraft histories through to whole aircraft fleets, squadrons, airlines, airforces',manufacturers, and airfields past and present.

Expert knowledge and information obtained from credited sources.

Extensive aviation database and picture library containing thousands of civil and military aviation images past and present.

Dedicated and professional research service provided -saving you time and effort.

Competitive rates.

US Marine Corps KC130F No. 149788, RAF Coningsby June 1992.


For more information about who we are and the benefits of our services, go to our About page and our What's Newpage. For questions, link to our Contact page.

Ordering Information.

To discuss your research requirements please do not hesitate to contact us via fax/voicemail: 0870 141 4731 or e-mail: